Pet Safety Tips

Safety is the key… to a Happy, Healthy Pet.

Did you know…?
Pets are susceptible to frost-bite, heat-stroke, tornadoes, floods, and various dangerous disasters nature provides for us? It is important to take the proper steps in order to assure that your pet will be safe and free from harm.

During the sweltering Texas summer, pets are at risk of heatstroke. It is important to limit your pet’s physical activity during these hot months, especially when a heat advisory is issued. Make sure your pet has adequate shade and plenty of water available for them to drink. If your pet is showing any of these signs they may be at risk for heatstroke: Labored breathing, weakness, seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Even though we live in Texas and our winters are relatively mild, pets are still at risk for frost-bite. Frostbite is caused when cold weather is so harsh that blood flow is restricted to certain areas of the body, causing some skin tissues to die. It is important to not keep your dog outside for long amounts of time in the cold. Make sure your pet’s paws are warm at all times, and if they get cold easily, a jacket or sweater can help keep them warm. If you think your pet is too cold or are concerned about frost-bite, please contact us.

Tornadoes and Floods
Tornadoes affect all of us, even our pets! There are a few steps you can take to make sure your pet is safe during this kind of emergency.

  • Do not leave pets outside during a tornado; if possible, keep them with the family or in a crate or kennel.
  • Make sure pet supplies are in a secured area.
  • Make copies of veterinary medical records and keep them in a secured area.
  • Make an emergency bag of food, medications, and other necessities for your pet that you can access immediately in case of emergency.
  • Remember to stay calm and breathe. Being negative will only make the situation worse.

Other Safety Concerns
Here are some other facts and safety procedures you should follow to ensure maximum safety with your pet:

  • Do not let your pet ride in the back of a truck. This is very dangerous and even illegal in some counties. Try letting them ride in a secured crate or in the cab instead.
  • Always keep an eye on your pet while they’re chewing toys or treats. Sometimes pets can swallow large chunks of toys or treats, which can cause choking or obstruction.
  • Be careful where you let your pet drink. Pets will drink any kind of water if they’re thirsty enough. Dirty water is often infested with parasites. Always have clean water available to your thirsty pet.
  • Keep your pet on a flea and tick preventative year-round to keep them constantly protected. These parasites exist year-round. Ask us about what kind of prevention is best for your pet.