Regarding COVID-19

UPDATE June 1, 2021:

Due to the decrease in current Covid-19 infections and deaths in this area and the increase in vaccinated people, we are pleased to announce that as of June 1, 2021, we will start allowing clients to come inside with their pets on a limited basis.

We ask that you still call us from the parking lot when you arrive so that we can make sure an exam room is available for you. If you are here to pickup food or a prescription, we will still be bringing that to your car. Also, if you prefer to stay in your car during your pet’s exam, we are happy to continue working that way for you. We will allow one masked adult to accompany your pet or pets inside. No children will be permitted at this time. We will require you to answer some simple questions verifying that you are not currently ill and have not knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 recently. We will also check your temperature as you come inside. Since our exam rooms are very small and we would have to be in very close quarters to you, we will still take your pet to the back for its exam.

Please understand that, although the CDC has said that vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask in most normal situations, the situation here generally requires contact much closer than your typical social contact. Also, although you may be fully vaccinated, not everyone who works here may be, and we want to keep them safe as well. That is why we request that you wear a mask when you come inside. If you don’t want to wear a mask, we ask that you continue to wait in your car.

Thank you for your understanding. Our clients have been awesome during this tough year. We are looking forward to seeing you face to face very soon!